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Beautiful is possible: the Emmedue system conquers architects worldwide.

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Black building, Indonesia

The design flexibility of the Emmedue system allowed the realisation of sinuous shapes and the plasticity of the structure.

Curved Panel

The Curved Panel is a special panel having big dimensions and thickness, manufactured in the factory in a flat form and pre arranged in order to be bent after at…

Cost effectiveness

Compared to traditional products, Emmedue panels achieve far better results, at considerably reduced cost. A building framework constructed using the Emmedue building system costs roughly 30%* less than a traditional…


The Emmedue building system gives full design flexibility as it offers a complete range of building elements such as load-bearing walls, curtain walls, floors and stairs. The panels are easy…

Wide choice of finishes

Buildings constructed using Emmedue panels can be completed in a variety of finishes, or can be painted traditionally on smoothed plaster. The surface of the walls has the appearance of…