Building in Algeria: increasing imports of construction materials

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Building in Algeria: With its public investment plan adopted for the period 2010-2014, the Algerian government has allocated significant resources (40% of 286 billion dollars) to the continuation of development projects for the improvement and adaptation both of the basic infrastructures and the public sector. These investments have become a real stimulus and push for the construction industry and public works.

According to customs statistics, in 2014 there was a sharp increase in imports of building materials in Algeria. In particular, products such as concrete, wood, steel, aluminum, ceramic products, plumbing fittings have seen significantly increase the quantities imported, with overall values amounting to 3.65 billion dollars, 6.41% more than the previous year. Authorities claim that this increase is mainly due by the start of numerous construction sites in the building sector, as a result of new national programs aimed at overcoming the housing shortage.

The government has already launched a new five-year plan 2015-2019 which provides for a further 63 billion investment in the construction sector, specifically for housing projects. With these assumptions, further increases in imports of building materials are expected in the next five years.

Source: Italian Trade Agency