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Shopping Mall Islazul, Spain

The new destination for shopping in Madrid

Commercial center in Argentina

Designed with a modern style, the outlet was highly appreciated by customers.

Villas, Ireland

New residential district with elegant duplex villas in traditional Irish style.

Multi-storey, Spain

A modern building with strong character thanks to the inclined profile, completed with shaped coating.

Villas, Ecuador

Modern colourful villas of great effect – real estate treasures for Design lovers.

Linguistic college, Argentina

Modern and elegant linguistic college, built with state funds

Mi Teleférico (cable car), Bolivia

The highest cable car station in the world (3,600m above sea level) in La Paz-Bolivia, was launched in May 2014.

Villa Miseria, Argentina

Popular district Villa Miseria in Buenos Aires is the project funded by Asociación Madres de Plaza de Mayo.

Scientific base, Antarctica

A scientific base in the heart of the Antarctic for geophysical research.

Villa, Spain

This elegant villa is a real triumph of contemporary minimalist style, lit with natural light and large windows

Villa in Fano, Italy

Elegant villa in the country on a plan that allows the garden to be enjoyed.

Palasport, Italy

PALASPORT 105 STADIUM in Rimini: 5,500 seats and capacity to accommodate up to 7,000 people

Global de Construcion fund, Venezuela

Modern and comfortable multi-storey buildings in the social project “Fondo Global de Construcion, Venezuela”

Palasport, Bolivia

Palasport in Bolivia, structure able to accommodate over 500 people.

Himalayas, India

House built in Kendarnath – holy city of the Uttarakhand region in the Himalayas – India. It is located at an altitude of 3584m above sea level.

Hotel Idea, Italy

Hotel Idea Plus offers Made in Italy hospitality

Habitable module, Italy

Comfortable modular home – an absolutely innovative concept, incredibly convenient, in line with the times.