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With its 35 years of history, Emmedue is now recognised by the worldwide panorama of companies as the point of reference in its field of activity.

The company’s international spirit, combined with a managerial approach with customers, and the strong drive of the company staff make Emmedue a reliable partner that is able to propose customised solutions that optimise investments based on real customer needs.

The world is so close with Emmedue

The network, in its deepest meaning, decides to propagate itself and unite.

Whoever wants to approach Emmedue and its network must feel part of a large design: constructing his or her own future by seriously constructing the future of others. A network of Emmedue companies that are strong, united and compact.

Emmedue believes in the exchange of competencies. For each plant in the world, there exixst men with their own mind-sets, values, methods and differences: Emmedue realizes that all of this constitutes great wealth, the real opportunity for substantial growth.

Research and development

Emmedue’s on-going research activity is synonymous with prompt fulfilment of customer needs: in fact, two technical staff teams work alongside the sales staff, one dedicated to the development of technology applied to plants and the other dedicated to developing building projects that will be implemented with the Emmedue System.

Thanks to continuous updating, video calls and on-line assistance, Emmedue is able to provide customers around the world with prompt technical support that allows them to avoid economic loss connected to activity downtime.