Condolences for the death of Nicholas Jacob

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Emmedue management together with all the staff express deep condolences for the untimely death last May 10, 2015 of Nicholas Jacob, who worked for Emmedue in India, remembering him as a professional and capable man of great humanity.

Nicholas, known by all as Nick, after graduation and a first experience at Infosys in Bangalore, thought that he could best use his talent outside of India and that was how he moved, first to Australia and then to Nigeria, where he spent 30 years of his life. In Nigeria he got appreciation for his generous spirit, thanks to the work and support provided in favour of the Fathers missionaries.

In 2014, thanks to a persevering work lasted three years, Nicholas has personally contributed to the recognition of the certification of the Emmedue Building System in the Indian territory by the governmental authority BMTPC.

With many thanks to Nicholas for the great passion with which he carried on his work in these years, Emmedue gathers around his family and those who have had him close with affection.