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The most widespread anti-seismic building system in the world

Emmedue is an innovative anti-seismic and insulating building system with load bearing walls, thanks to which it is possible to realize buildings up to 20 floors, of any building typology or architectural structure, ranging from the most simple to the most complex one.

energy saving

The idea on which this great building system has been based, appreciated and used in the entire world for over 30 years, is the industrial manufacturing of the panel, which has to be subsequently assembled and installed by means of projected concrete.

Emmedue has a complete range of building elements: load bearing walls, floors, roofing, stairs, partition and curtain walls. In this way the buildings can be integrally realized with our building system, permitting to optimize the supply phases, time-study and workers.

The originality and the propriety of the Emmedue system, as well as its continuous development and updating, has been supported throughout these years by a series of patents, tests and experiments carried out in Italy and abroad on panels and prototypes, as well as by certificates and homologations released by authoritative institutes in several countries in the world. Moreover, the Emmedue quality system is certified according to the UNI EN ISO 9001 regulation.

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