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Ease of handling

The Emmedue panel can be easily transported by hand by one/two workers, even when panels are assembled and exceed 4 m².

During the assembly phase, the panel can be worked on and manually positioned by only one worker without the use of lifting equipment. This facilitates and speeds up the installation of the panels in all situations.

Skilled workers are not required to carry out the work.

Preparing chasing for plumbing and electrical systems

Installing the wiring and plumbing systems is easy, fast and clean, as no masonry work is needed.

The chases in the polystyrene are made by a hot-air gun, and the wiring and plumbing systems are run behind the metal mesh.

To accommodate rigid or semi rigid pipes, the metal mesh is cut to the required length by using cutters, and then restored with reinforced flat mesh.

Applying the plaster

Building Method Once the panels are joined together after they are plumb and straight, in the case of double panels sprayed in concrete, and the electrical and plumbing systems installed, the plaster can be applied directly onto the panel.

Once again, the Emmedue system offers clear advantages when compared with other systems, as all types of plaster can be used with the galvanized steel support mesh. Moreover, when the plaster is applied on closely abutted walls and reinforced with metal mesh, the result is a solid monolithic block that is able to withstand cracks due to either thermal or mechanical strains.

What is more, as there is no visible trace of the plumbing and electrical system chases, which are always visible in traditional systems, the plaster has a high quality, smooth, even finish and is aesthetically pleasing.