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cost effectivenessCompared to traditional products, Emmedue panels achieve far better results, at considerably reduced cost. A building framework constructed using the Emmedue building system costs roughly 30%* less than a traditional one with similar features. The shorter build timesclaes represent additional savings.

* refers to builds using PSMØ2.5 panels

Global de Construcion fund, Venezuela

Modern and comfortable multi-storey buildings in the social project “Fondo Global de Construcion, Venezuela”

Villa Miseria, Argentina

Popular district Villa Miseria in Buenos Aires is the project funded by Asociación Madres de Plaza de Mayo.

Hotel Idea, Italy

Hotel Idea Plus offers Made in Italy hospitality

Habitable module, Italy

Modules for emergency habitable use made in various dimensions, transportable already complete, and on request, with customised solutions.

Kindergarten, Bolivia

Kindergarten with playground in a green area in Bolivia

Catholic Church, Philippines

Beautiful seventeenth century Church of Barasoain in Bulacan, North of Manila.

Black building, Indonesia

Beautiful is possible: the Emmedue system conquers architects worldwide.

Social houses “Sun Village”, Panama

These single-family houses of 70 m2 were funded by parastatal funds in Panama: this is a joint initiative with the participation of the banks of Panama, the Ministry of social…

Primary school “Food for the poor”, Haiti

Primary school “Food for the poor”, Haiti. This project of the primary school in Haiti was realized thanks to the international humanitarian initiative “Food for the poor”, held in 2010…