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cost effectivenessCompared to traditional products, Emmedue panels achieve far better results, at considerably reduced cost. A building framework constructed using the Emmedue building system costs roughly 30%* less than a traditional one with similar features. The shorter build timesclaes represent additional savings.

* refers to builds using PSMØ2.5 panels

SOCIAL HOUSING-Global de Construcion fund, Venezuela

Modern and comfortable multi-storey buildings in the social project “Fondo Global de Construcion, Venezuela”

SOCIAL HOUSING – Villa Miseria, Argentina

Popular district Villa Miseria in Buenos Aires is the project funded by Asociación Madres de Plaza de Mayo.

HOTELS & RESORTS – Hotel Idea, Italy

Hotel Idea Plus offers Made in Italy hospitality

MODULAR BUILDINGS-Habitable module, Italy

Modules for emergency habitable use made in various dimensions, transportable already complete, and on request, with customised solutions.

SCHOOLS – Kindergarten, Bolivia

Kindergarten with playground in a green area in Bolivia

RELIGIOUS BUILDINGS – Catholic Church, Philippines

Beautiful seventeenth century Church of Barasoain in Bulacan, North of Manila.

DESIGN BUILDINGS: Black building, Indonesia

Beautiful is possible: the Emmedue system conquers architects worldwide.