Load resistance

load resistanceNumerous lab tests, performed in different parts of the world, have highlighted the high load resistance of the Emmedue panels which after compression testing with centred load performed on a single finished panel, 270cm high, have shown they withstand a maximum load of up to 1530 kn/m ≈ 156 ton/m.

The monolithic joints of the Emmedue building system provide a high level of structural strength to buildings.

Villa, Spain

This elegant villa is a real triumph of contemporary minimalist style, lit with natural light and large windows

Palasport, Bolivia

Palasport in Bolivia, structure able to accommodate over 500 people.

Mi Teleférico (cable car), Bolivia

The highest cable car station in the world (3,600m above sea level) in La Paz-Bolivia, was launched in May 2014.

Multi-storey, Spain

A modern building with strong character thanks to the inclined profile, completed with shaped coating.

Palasport, Italy

PALASPORT 105 STADIUM in Rimini: 5,500 seats and capacity to accommodate up to 7,000 people

Habitable module, Italy

Comfortable modular home – an absolutely innovative concept, incredibly convenient, in line with the times.

Habitable module, Italy

Modules for emergency habitable use made in various dimensions, transportable already complete, and on request, with customised solutions.

Catholic Church, Philippines

Beautiful seventeenth century Church of Barasoain in Bulacan, North of Manila.

Shopping Mall, Colombia

The GDO FALABELLA Group chose the Emmedue construction system

Tocumen Airport, Panama

Tocumen is the most important international airport in Central America.

Private house, Holland

A beautiful house along Canals of Amsterdam

Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic

Offices, Shops and Accommodation: Las Terrenas is the new glamour destination for tourists.

Shopping Mall Islazul, Spain

The new destination for shopping in Madrid

Primary school “Food for the poor”, Haiti

Primary school “Food for the poor”, Haiti. This project of the primary school in Haiti was realized thanks to the international humanitarian initiative “Food for the poor”, held in 2010…

Touristic project of Saint Thomas Island, Virgin Islands of U.S.A.

Saint Thomas Island is one of the smallest Virgin Islands in the Caribbean Sea, a magical place with the wonderful beaches and the crystal clear sea, which offers a rich…

Worship place

The monastic community has granted always and everywhere a generous hospitality to everybody with a spirit of service. The design of worship place requires a specific attention to the functional…