Single panel

Single panel

The Emmedue single panel is made up of a spatial steel lattice enclosing an expanded polystyrene slab that is then finished on site with plaster.

This panel is perfect for walls, partitions, claddings, floors and roofing of both civil and industrial applications.

Used as a load-bearing structure, for buildings of up to 6 floors, with structural plaster placed on both sides; as partitions and claddings, in new buildings or in those in need for renovation; as curtain walls and partitions in large-sized industrial and commercial buildings; as insulating frameworks for roofing and moderate spam floors, prepared with or without pre-cast beams.

Seymour Airport in Galapagos

The airport obtained “Leed Gold certification” from the Green Building Council USA.

Trauma Hospital in S.Domingo

The Hospital, where work 610 people, occupies an area of 23,000 m2 on 5 levels.

Intercontinental, Panama

The ideal destination for tourists in Panama

Glaciarium, Argentina

A project that covers efficiency, design and sophistication

Diocese of Caxito, Angola

The school is intended for catechism and the catholic instruction and schooling of the local children.

Kindergarten of Medolla, Italy

Following the Earthquake of 2012 in Emilia Romagna, Medolla is smiling again.

Jardin Infantil Timayui, Colombia

A 6-building facility, each building comprised of 3 conjoined pyramid-shaped units

Coca-Cola Headquarters in Quito, Ecuador

The corporate of the world’s largest industry in the beverage sector has erected its new representative Coca-Cola Headquarters in Quito, Ecuador, with the Emmedue Building System.

Villa in Fano, Italy

Elegant villa in the country on a plan that allows the garden to be enjoyed.

Villa, Spain

This elegant villa is a real triumph of contemporary minimalist style, lit with natural light and large windows

Global de Construcion fund, Venezuela

Modern and comfortable multi-storey buildings in the social project “Fondo Global de Construcion, Venezuela”

Palasport, Bolivia

Palasport in Bolivia, structure able to accommodate over 500 people.

Scientific base, Antarctica

A scientific base in the heart of the Antarctic for geophysical research.

Villa Miseria, Argentina

Popular district Villa Miseria in Buenos Aires is the project funded by Asociación Madres de Plaza de Mayo.

Mi Teleférico (cable car), Bolivia

The highest cable car station in the world (3,600m above sea level) in La Paz-Bolivia, was launched in May 2014.

Linguistic college, Argentina

Modern and elegant linguistic college, built with state funds

Commercial center in Argentina

Designed with a modern style, the outlet was highly appreciated by customers.

Multi-storey, Spain

A modern building with strong character thanks to the inclined profile, completed with shaped coating.

Villas, Ecuador

Modern colourful villas of great effect – real estate treasures for Design lovers.

Palasport, Italy

PALASPORT 105 STADIUM in Rimini: 5,500 seats and capacity to accommodate up to 7,000 people

Himalayas, India

House built in Kendarnath – holy city of the Uttarakhand region in the Himalayas – India. It is located at an altitude of 3584m above sea level.

Habitable module, Italy

Comfortable modular home – an absolutely innovative concept, incredibly convenient, in line with the times.

Habitable module, Italy

Modules for emergency habitable use made in various dimensions, transportable already complete, and on request, with customised solutions.

Kindergarten, Bolivia

Kindergarten with playground in a green area in Bolivia

Catholic Church, Philippines

Beautiful seventeenth century Church of Barasoain in Bulacan, North of Manila.

Hotel Crioula, Capoverde

CLUBHOTEL & RESORT CRIOULA: ideal for those looking for the quality of a hotel and the cheerfulness of a village

Tocumen Airport, Panama

Tocumen is the most important international airport in Central America.

Industrial Building in Bologna, Italy

Industrial building made with polystyrene panels in the surroundings of Bologna, the Emmedue building system was crucial to ensure a timely delivery of the building.

Julio Iglesias’ Villa in Punta del Este, Uruguay

The new Villa of Julio Iglesias made by Emmedue Building System in one of
the most characteristic places of Uruguay.

Xelena Hotel, El Calafate, Argentina

The Xelena Hotel, on the banks of the majestic Lake Argentino, offers its guests in every season an unforgettable image of Patagonia.

Private house, Holland

A beautiful house along Canals of Amsterdam

Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic

Offices, Shops and Accommodation: Las Terrenas is the new glamour destination for tourists.

Shopping Mall Islazul, Spain

The new destination for shopping in Madrid

Villa of modern design, Colombia

  Villa of modern design, Colombia. A modern and elegant villa with a large surface area located in a residential area with an exceptional view over the surrounding hills. The…

Social houses “Sun Village”, Panama

These single-family houses of 70 m2 were funded by parastatal funds in Panama: this is a joint initiative with the participation of the banks of Panama, the Ministry of social…

Distribution Centre, Colombia

  A Distribution Centre that, having a modern storage system and an efficient logistics, is an important  reference point for small, medium and large companies. It is placed in a…

Primary school “Food for the poor”, Haiti

Primary school “Food for the poor”, Haiti. This project of the primary school in Haiti was realized thanks to the international humanitarian initiative “Food for the poor”, held in 2010…

Touristic project of Saint Thomas Island, Virgin Islands of U.S.A.

Saint Thomas Island is one of the smallest Virgin Islands in the Caribbean Sea, a magical place with the wonderful beaches and the crystal clear sea, which offers a rich…

Worship place

The monastic community has granted always and everywhere a generous hospitality to everybody with a spirit of service. The design of worship place requires a specific attention to the functional…

Habitable module

The optimization and development of space is a primary goal of the architecture. Make available to individuals aesthetic and functional spaces created in harmony with their daily activities such as…