Stair panel

Stair panel

A panel for the fast construction of a lightweight and resistant stairs.

(Emmedue Exclusive Patent)

Made up of a polystyrene foam block the panel is shaped to design requirements and sandwiched between two metal meshes by welded steel wires. When reinforced and cast-in-place it is ideal to build stairs that can be externally finished with traditional plaster, tiles or any other finishing material. The stair panel is quick and easy to install and offers particular lightness and strength.

Global de Construcion fund, Venezuela

Modern and comfortable multi-storey buildings in the social project “Fondo Global de Construcion, Venezuela”

Villas, Ireland

New residential district with elegant duplex villas in traditional Irish style.

Xelena Hotel, El Calafate, Argentina

The Xelena Hotel, on the banks of the majestic Lake Argentino, offers its guests in every season an unforgettable image of Patagonia.

Private house, Holland

A beautiful house along Canals of Amsterdam