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The base element of the building system is a modular panel composed of two electro-welded galvanized steel meshes, reciprocally joined by connectors, in the middle of which is a suitably shaped foam polystyrene plate.


MeshesEmmedue is a qualified firm manufacturing high-resistance steel meshes composed of bars having variable diameter, from 2,5 to 5 mm.

Panels can be supplied with meshes having different diameters and different geometrical characteristics.

All the processes involved in the production of the elements composing the Emmedue system are continuously subjected to the checks provided for by the ISO regulations.

The Firm has its own internal laboratory where it carries out tests on the meshes these undergo the quality controls carried out by the engineers of the Politecnico of Milano for the release of the relevant certificates.


Polystyrene (EPS)

The base element of the building system is a self-extinguishing foam polystyrene, suitably shaped, used both as a disposable form and as an insulating layer.

The EPS (sintered foam polystyrene) is made up of carbon, hydrogen and, for 98%, air. It is realized starting from the polymerization of styrene, a monomer obtained from oil and present in common food too (ex.: wheat, strawberries, meat, coffee). The latter, before being foamed, shows itself in the shape of little transparent pearls.

Thickness, shape and density of the Emmedue panel polystyrene core may change according to specific requirements. The minimum density normally used is equal to 15 kg/m³.



Once the Emmedue panels have been installed, they are anchored and finished with the application of light concrete on both of their sides. In this way we realize buildings with load-bearing walls consisting of two reinforced concrete plates made integral by a thick network of connectors, with an insulating core.

The Emmedue single panel is finished, , by applying on each side a layer of spritz-beton (water, concrete and sand) having characteristic resistance of 25 Mpa at least.

As a load-bearing element, the Emmedue double panel and the floors are finished during the installation with a cast of suitably resistant concrete into the polystyrene plates.

Should not the panels carry out a load-bearing function, a concrete-based plaster, even a pre-mixed one, is applied for a thickness of at least 25mm.