Emmedue achieves the European Certification ETA for the Emmedue Single Panel.

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Approved by EOTA (European Organisation for Technical Assessment in the area of construction products), the European ETA Certification represents a very important goal and an absolute record for Emmedue.

The certification procedure
Emmedue finally achieved this goal after a work started several years ago and that heavily engaged the Company, leding to the execution of numerous lab tests and to a significant work of research developed in collaboration with ENEA and EUCENTRE. The latter, in particular, in the person of Prof. Alberto Pavese, followed and supported all activities of testing, data interpretation analysis, as well as the drafting of the documents necessary to achieve the prestigious target.

New Scenarios for Emmedue
Thanks to the recently obtained certification, Emmedue will be able to consolidate and expand its over ten years of presence on the European market.
In fact, the possibility of using the Emmedue Single Panel also for structural purposes, as it already happens in almost all countries where Emmedue is present, significantly extends the application design possibilities of the Emmedue Building System in the EU market. Furthermore, this new possibility of application of Emmedue Single Panel increases a significant economic and time saving, in compliance with the highest quality standards and the most severe regulations in the construction sector.

The European ETA Certification represents the result of an investment aimed to reinforce even more the company reliability at international level: since always, in fact, Emmedue has been engaged with research and innovation and it takes great care in achieving awards and certification in the different Countries where it operates by making tests in the most important laboratories and research centres of the world.

ETA finally allows the European building market to resort to an industrialized building system, which is also reliable, cost effective and fast.

The certification will also enable those who want to comply to dispose of a sure and reliable quality standard – which has been subjected to the examination of 28 technical representatives of the European States – for the control, the designing and the use of the Emmedue technology.

the European Certification ETA


What is ETA?
ETA (European Technical Assessment) is a document providing information about the performances of a construction product in relation to its essential characteristics. This definition is provided by the new Construction Products Regulation (UE / 305 / 2011), which entered into force on 1st of July 2013 in all European Member States and in the European Economic Area.

The ETA applies to all 28 Member States of the European Union and to those of the European Economic Area, as well as in Switzerland and Turkey. ETA contributes to establish confidence in the performance of the essential characteristics of a construction product for its intended purpose. The ETA route supports the free circulation of construction products and thus the European Single Market.

What is EOTA?
EOTA is the European Organisation for Technical Assessment in the business of construction products and it is based in Brussels. Its tasks are to develop and adopt European Assessment Documents (EAD) using the scientific and technological expertise of its members, coordinating the application of the procedures provided for the request of a European Technical Assessment (ETA) and for the document adoption procedure for the European assessment document (EAD).
EOTA works in close cooperation with the European Commission, the Member States, the European Standardisation Organisations and other stakeholders in research and construction.
EOTA comprises all Technical Assessment Bodies (TAB) designated by the European Union Member States and the European Economic Area. A country that concludes a Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA) with the European Union may also become a member.