Another series of Emmedue Technical Seminars has officially concluded

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The period of the Emmedue Technical Seminars on planning and construction with the Emmedue Advanced Building System in Russia and Kyrgyzstan have officially concluded. Great contribution to the success of the seminars was provided by the Honorary General Consulate of Italy in Ekaterinburg and Krasnodar, the Federal University of Urals and the NOSI association for events organized in Russia. In addition, achievements also came from the KSUCTA University of Bişkek and the Ministry of Construction of Kyrgyzstan with the seminar held in Kyrgyzstan.

The participants in the training days included construction companies, civil engineers, design studios and building professionals, who followed with interest the seminar on the Emmedue Building System, learning from the Emmedue professionals the advantages of the System and deepening its techniques usage and the practice of structural calculation.

The aim of these seminars was precisely to spread the cultural awareness of the Emmedue Advanced Building System to our 200 plus attendees who took our training. The complete Emmedue Know-How was provided with the sole purpose of supporting the activities for the attempts to a revolutionary and sustainable production approach for all the main players of the construction industry.

“It was a great opportunity”, expressed Cesar Cordoba, engineer of Emmedue, who held the seminars, “to disseminate the culture of the System and outline its main areas of application. Great importance has been given to the innovativeness of the System, which thanks to its absolute versatility and integration with the other building systems and adaptability to the most diverse territorial needs promotes complete design flexibility, allowing to realize any type of residential, commercial or industrial building.”

Finally, participation in these seminars was preceded by a training courses where all participants were invited to follow on Emmesynergy, the Emmedue online platform, which represents the new digital frontier of the company’s assistance service. The completion of online courses focusing on the construction methodology with the Emmedue panel, allowed guests to make the most of their participation in the seminars, at the end of which each received the certificate of attendance, the first step to obtain the qualification of a Certified Emmedue Technician.

Other seminars will soon be organized by Emmedue. For further information on the possibility of organizing or participating in Emmedue technical seminars, and for more information on the Emmedue training program, please write to