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Thanks to its worldwide experience and its presence throughout the world, EMMEDUE put at its clients disposal the whole of its knowledge and experience creating valuable synergies and providing technical solutions.

35 years of know-how always by your side

Since the 1980s, over 100,000 buildings have been constructed worldwide using the Emmedue building system.

For over 35 years Emmedue has been developing and researching the most advanced technology solutions to apply to the industrialized and automated production of the components of its building system.

35 years ago, the Emmedue building system revolutionised traditional methods of construction. Today, those 35 years serve to guarantee a product which is still innovative, safe and reliable.

“We believe in a market that deserves products which are increasingly efficient, better–performing, and which guarantee safety and comfort.”

Valeria Candiracci
Chief Executive Officer & President

The R&D department was set up in response to our continuous focus on research for new advanced technology solutions. It is a centre of research specialising in the design of new technology solutions which are then used both on the machines and the end product.

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