Designing software

M2 PanelCad® Software

panel-cadM2 PanelCad® represents the latest evolution in the field of integrated design for the building industry.

M2 PanelCad® is innovative and user-friendly software, developed by Emmedue in collaboration with Bentley, it enables designers to deliver high-quality solutions.

M2 PanelCad® is ideal for designing a range of buildings of any shape, from the most simple to the most complex, using Emmedue Panels.

It is the most advanced and flexible tool for generating estimates for the Emmedue panels and the accessories needed for the project. It quickly creates the product specification lists and assembly schedules required for the installation of the Emmedue modular panels.

M2 PanelCad® is fully integrated with the majority of standard design software, as it uses compatible formats such as DWG, DXF, DGN which can be exported and edited.


With the M2 PanelCad® you can:

  • Import building projects
  • Select types of panel and wire mesh
  • Design roofs and ceilings of any shape and pitch
  • Create openings for doors and windows
  • Provide customers with a 3D render


With M2 PanelCad® you can:

  • Define standard prices for panels and wire mesh
  • Estimate quantities and costs of the various panels required for each project
  • Estimate quantities and costs of additional reinforcement wire meshes
  • Estimate the amount of cement needed to spray concrete onto the entire structure
  • Evaluate the work required for installation, concrete spraying and finishing
  • Create customised quotes for customers


With M2 PanelCad® you can:

  • Create a nesting plan showing the interaction and connection between panels of different shapes and sizes
  • Prepare an assembly plan with the configuration details of the panels intended for each area of the building
  • Print off the assembly plan to be used on-site

Integrated with the M2 PanelCad®, Bentley offers a powerful engine which assists in creating 3D models, prototypes of virtual buildings and hyper-realistic images and animations.