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Emmedue Building Solution

With our machineries it is possible to realize sandwich panels for building market. By adopting only two raw materials easily available, such as steel and polystyrene, it can be produced high-strength panels of all types required by the market.

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As the housing need in the world is becoming a necessity, Emmedue Building Solution meets market requirements, in terms of cost, time, reliability and respect for the environment.




The Emmedue Building Solution allows to create buildings, simple or complex, for commercial, industrial, residential use and social housing.

Examples of applications


Emmedue handles the installation of the machines and the start-up of the plant, with its own qualified technicians.

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“How can I integrate the Emmedue Building Solution in my plant? How long it will take to return on the investment?”

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Our staff is at your disposal to study the best solution based on your production activity.



Factory staff training

Emmedue technical staff will carry on the training of your personnel on the use of the machines, designed for the maximum ease of use.


Emmedue Service and Emmedue Engineers support you also through the new digital platform for online training.

Over 35 years of experience

Over 35 years of experience

With over 35 years of worldwide presence, Emmedue makes available its own technical and commercial Know-How.