Industrial Building in Bologna, Italy

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Industrial Building BOLOGNA

Industrial Building, Bologna, Italy. A practical application of the Emmedue Building System in the industrial sector, the construction of a new industrial building in the area of Bologna. The production of customized panels has made possible a rapid installation, while the insulating properties of polystyrene ensure an optimal thermal insulation.

Industrial building made with polystyrene panels in the surroundings of Bologna, the Emmedue building system was crucial to ensure a timely delivery of the building.

Single panel

The Emmedue single panel is made up of a spatial steel lattice enclosing an expanded polystyrene slab that is then finished on site with plaster. This panel is perfect for…

Fire resistance

The quality of the foam polystyrene used for our panels is self-extinguishing and is perfectly encased by layers of reinforced concrete which coat the sides of the panel and inhibit…

Rapid installation

The Emmedue system has been used in countless building experiences, in diverse conditions, and with all types of labour in many countries worldwide. These building experiences show a marked reduction…