Julio Iglesias’ Villa in Punta del Este, Uruguay

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Julio Iglesias’ Villa in Punta del Este, Uruguay. The wonderful and exclusive surrounded by a large park, offers an elegant environment and a privileged contact with nature. It is a modern building of 1,200 square meters on a plot of 100 hectares surrounded by woods, lakes and with a wonderful view of the sea.

The Emmedue building system is versatile and compatible with any construction material
and various finishes such as wood.

Single panel

The Emmedue single panel is made up of a spatial steel lattice enclosing an expanded polystyrene slab that is then finished on site with plaster. This panel is perfect for…

Thermal insulation

Emmedue constructions perform brilliantly in both insulation and load-bearing functions: the thickness and density of the panel can be customised to deliver specific thermal insulation requirements. Furthermore, the EPS core…

Lightness, ease of transport and handling

Being light weight, yet at the same time rigid, Emmedue panels are both easy to handle and transport even in the most adverse conditions. Prior to an application of shortcrete,…


The Emmedue building system gives full design flexibility as it offers a complete range of building elements such as load-bearing walls, curtain walls, floors and stairs. The panels are easy…