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With the system, it is possible to produce every element in the Emmedue construction range.

Here is the complete range of systems:

  • EMMESMART 700 with a production capacity of 700 m2 of panels per work shift
  • EMMESMART 2.000 with a production capacity of 2000 m2 of panels per work shift
  • EMMESMART 2.500 with a production capacity of 2500 m2 of panels per work shift


EMMEDUE develops an intelligent technology, modular systems with diversified production capacities based on customer needs.
EMMEDUE uses latest generation technology that optimises system energy expenditure.


  1. System production capacity sized to the real requirements of the customer’s project
  2. Possibility of implementing the production capacity of the system over time
  3. EMMEDUE systems use resources efficiently and create economic value through the development of a sustainable business model.

The Emmedue Panel production process only requires two raw materials, which are readily available worldwide:

  • Polystyrene salt
  • Galvanised steel wire in rolls

“Our machines are the result of the constant pursuit of high production levels with contained energy consumption, to manufacture panels formed of polystyrene slabs and galvanised steel mesh.”

Valeria Candiracci
Chief Executive Officer & President

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