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The Emmedue Mobile Plant is a “turnkey” solution that makes it possible to transport, install and start up an Emmedue production plant anywhere in the world; this solution is particularly ideal for large construction projects in remote areas, or where issues with logistics may prevent the installation of traditional plants.

The Emmedue Mobile Plant includes a complete panel production unit, with a production rate of 700sqm or 2,000sqm (per 8-hour shift), depending on the requirements. The fuel and water storage systems, in addition to the power generator, guarantee the autonomy of the Mobile Plant, even for extended periods of time.

The containers used to transport the plant are approved and certified so that they can be re-used on-site to set up a comfortable, equipped camp for use as offices and staff boarding. The remaining containers are used to store materials and equipment required for the production of electrical power, compressed air and steam to operate the production unit.

The supply includes specialised Emmedue technicians who prepare the area, assemble and test the machinery, start up the plant and train local staff.

The Mobile Plant can be easily transported to a different production location, following use.