The curved panel enlarges Emmedue project proposal

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The Emmedue building system offers a wide range of panels including : single panel, ” hp ” single panel, double panel, Landing panel, staircase and floor panels, which are suitable to satisfy different architectural and structural needs.

The curved panel represents a clear example of the versatility and the adaptability of the Emmedue panel, in able to add to the building  an original value of aesthetic  type, in harmony with the surrounding environment, while maintaining the technical quality and the inherent benefit of the Emmedue product (sound and thermal insulation, resistance to load, fire, blast, lightness, etc.,).

Emmedue has developed a pratical pneumatic Panel Bending Machine to be used in construction site, which allows to achieve accurately and automatically the desired curvature in accordance with the design specifications and structural. Recently  has been completed a very interesting project with the fitting of an arch structure of big dimension for industrial use; consult a technician for any additional details.