In Uganda a 140 m² house was built in 18 days with the Emmedue Building System

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The growing need to realize high quality, cost-effective and timely constructions has prompted the TechBuilding team to build a model home using Emmedue technology: construction speed, building site simplicity, cost savings, building security (resistance to fire, earthquakes, hurricanes, ballistic impact, etc.), excellent thermal performance and extraordinary structural performance represent the main distinctive features of the Emmedue Building System.

Moreover, while traditional construction systems have a negative environmental impact as they are responsible for high CO2 emissions both in production and construction phases as well as during the life of the building, this is not the case with the Emmedue Building System because panels are produced through the use of low-energy technologies, it does not require the use of energy-consuming equipment at the construction  site and, above all, because the buildings made with Emmedue panels have excellent thermal performance that significantly reduces energy consumption.

The project realized in Uganda, just because of its innovative features on the market, was documented by an article published on New Vision, the most important newspaper in the country. The article, which we invite you to read, clearly explains the innumerable advantages that the Emmedue Building System brings to the construction industry.

The rough building was completed in 18 days only, an unthinkable goal with traditional construction systems: this result has been achieved thanks to the fact that the Emmedue System enables the industrialization of both the building site and the construction process, ensuring a speed of projects realization that have no equal on the market.

Further developments for the future

As the article states, the housing emergency in Uganda, as well as throughout the African continent, is a real problem and in this direction, the Emmedue Building System can be the concrete answer as it allows to build thousands of housing units in much less time than traditional systems, without sacrificing the quality of the finished product.

Thanks to the know-how and the training provided by the Emmedue engineers, the companies involved in the projects learn how to organize the construction site in an industrialized way, planning efficiently, already from the design stage, the timing of the various phases of construction, the necessity of material, equipment and manpower, thus completing the projects in time and according to planned costs, eliminating the uncertainty typical of managing a construction site, both large and small.

Workers’ teams specialize themselves in the various functions, speeding up the constructive phases and allowing large-scale projects to be carried out with a reduced labor engagement compared to traditional systems: each operator intervenes in the phase of their own competence, allowing sequential advancement of more buildings. Numerous workers’ teams can operate at the same time on the same construction site, carrying on different stages of the construction process.

In addition, the use of Emmedue technology allows the employment of local unskilled manpower which is trained by qualified technicians, certified by Emmedue, thus promoting the diffusion of the work culture and creating qualified professional figures.

On Emmedue side, THANK YOU to TechBuilding who believed in Emmedue technology, demonstrating an entrepreneurial leadership with great intuition and foresight, giving concrete answers to the needs of its country and bringing real benefits not only to the local economy but also adding a social value to its work.


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