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The so-called “underground cities” are not an invention of the modern era, these types of buildings find their origins to the dawn of human history. One of the last and most surprising findings, evidence of the existence of this age-old city, was recently discovered in the region of Cappadocia in Turkey. According to archaeologists it is a millenary city – with at least seven kilometers of tunnels, places of worship and way out – which could be confirmed as the world’s largest underground city.

To date, these types of buildings are being designed and developed in different parts of the world such as Singapore, China, Mexico and Australia. Among the main reasons for their realization we can find: the need to overcome the problem connected to the lack of space, which can be caused to turn, or by the high density of the population in a specific geographic area or by the existence of strict rules of law on construction in areas declared as cultural heritage. Another important motivation, and among the oldest, is the need of protection from adverse climatic conditions, such as extreme heat or cold temperatures.

This article tells us about some interesting and specific examples of these underground constructions, leaving us with a  final reflection question: would we be willing to live under the ground?

Source: BBC