Urban Gardens: a way to feed our city

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The reasons which in the course of history have allowed to spread of  the urban gardens are very similar in different parts of the world in particular when they have become indispensable for the families, especially at certain times, such as during the period of industrialization and during the two World War.

Today, far from the concept of poverty and the war emergency, the Urban Gardens represent a life style which well coincides with the modernity and the search for a eco-friendly diet. The Urban Gardens express not only a concrete resource for families, but also an innovative idea which is oriented to a good quality of life, urban sustainability and the relationship between man, nature and the environment. This form of urban agriculture promotes the ability to nourish the city, to create a social consciousness, to improve the health of the community and to safeguard biodiversity.
During the recent years, in many cities the number of people willing to cultivate a vegetable garden has been gradually grew up. In this context of increased awareness and social responsibility were born the national/local and international associations that have as their ultimate purpose to organize the development and dissemination of these green areas in our cities.