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Villa of modern design, Colombia.

A modern and elegant villa with a large surface area located in a residential area with an exceptional view over the surrounding hills. The structure is characterized by regular and monolithic volumes, simple and essential lines which are distinctive elements of the modern design. The wide windows allow a natural illumination and an uninterrupted view over the natural landscape, which surrounds the house.

The EMMEDUE construction system allows to realize building, which are not only safe and comfortable, but even elegant and of design.

Single panel

The Emmedue single panel is made up of a spatial steel lattice enclosing an expanded polystyrene slab that is then finished on site with plaster. This panel is perfect for…

Earthquake resistance

Lab tests carried out on full-size prototype houses determined that Emmedue structures withstand, completely undamaged, earthquake loads superior to seismic safety requirements. The prototype houses were also tested using both…

Rapid installation

The Emmedue system has been used in countless building experiences, in diverse conditions, and with all types of labour in many countries worldwide. These building experiences show a marked reduction…

Wide choice of finishes

Buildings constructed using Emmedue panels can be completed in a variety of finishes, or can be painted traditionally on smoothed plaster. The surface of the walls has the appearance of…